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The global economic trend for the next decades will be affected more than ever by issues relating to the lack of security in availability of resources. Dependability of supply, with energy carriers and resources in sufficient quantities and at acceptable cost, will be of vital importance for all of us – both industrialized and developing countries.

Moreover, climate warming and the planned phasing out of nuclear energy require us to return to sustainable generation and use of energy. Given these facts, “renewable energy” is a forward-looking line of business and has evolved into a reliable provider of jobs.

As the first institution to create such a program, we have a proven record of success, allowing us to offer a tailor-made, compact, comprehensive and continuously updated education package on renewables. We thus ensure you are in a position to apply your knowledge directly to the central challenge of our times.

Energize your future!

Never before has the demand on employees been so high. You have to contribute in-depth knowledge as well as ensure your own education stays abreast of technological progress. In the part-time MSc Program “Renewable Energy Systems” you will receive the very best preparation for the demands of sustainable energy economics. It will provide you with an opportunity to seek specialist roles in the challenging and rapidly expanding field of renewable energies and energy efficiency systems. Our graduates will be able to add impetus to the incipient energy rethink in different positions in business and society:

  • It takes project implementation specialists to plan and operate alternative energy production facilities;
  • Financing institutions and governmental agencies more and more frequently face the challenge of having to competently assess such projects;
  • Even conventional energy providers see good business opportunities in this future industrial sector.


Feel the spirit … Study Renewable Energy!

The MSc program is practice-orientated and interdisciplinary. You learn from the best - our faculty members are experienced and highly motivated experts. Small-group study, with thorough, in-depth and individual professorial supervision, ensures your educational experience will be of the highest quality.

You benefit in various ways from the huge worldwide network:

  • More than 265 students with different nationalities as well as different educational and working backgrounds have resolved to complete this Master's Program during recent years. More than 180 of them have already graduated.
  • During their course or shortly after, approximately one third of the students obtained employment or promotion in the Renewable Energies industry.
  • Being part of a network involving lecturers, students and alumni leads to numerous successful partnerships and projects outside the confines of the course as well.

Take your career into your own hands – for a sustainable future in which you play an active part.

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