Dr. Walter Böhme
Head of Science & Innovation OMV AG

In order to meet the challenges of the future, OMV invests in the research and development of new energy sources and technologies. The attention of our activities is directed towards improving the efficiency and use of future sources of energy. Our goal is to ensure sustainable benefits for all our stakeholders. Investing in education and training today will give us a competitive edge tomorrow. Therefore OMV sponsored in the first years of this MSc program some students, mainly from Eastern Europe.

Dr. Franz Fischler
Honorary President Ecosocial Forum Europe and Ecosocial Forum Austria
Former EU Commissioner

Long-term, sustainable development would be unthinkable without renewable energy sources and efficient use thereof. Europe is world leader in terms of environmental technology and use of renewable energy, and should strive to defend this position. In this quest, the MSc Program can render a valuable contribution by integrating our neighbours in partnership towards joint European action.

Univ.Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haas
TU Wien
Academic Director

Our current standard of living - all goods and serves we enjoy - is based on the consumption of energy. However, this system is currently not sustainable. Renewable energy sources as well as more efficient ways to use eneregy are cornerstones in converting our economy into a sustainable system.

The objective of the postgraduate MSc Program "Renewable Energy Systems" is, to contribute significantly to this process.

DI Josef Plank
Managing Director RENERGIE

The use of renewable energy has seen an enormous boom in Austria, in recent years. The first cross-border MSc Program on renewable energy constitutes an important enhancement in this area.

Em.Univ.Prof. Dr. Adolf Stepan 
TU Wien

The MSc Program "Renewable Energy Systems" deals innovatively with the future-oriented topic of alternative energy production.

The program offers profound continuing education as well as specialization and constitutes Austrias first cross-border postgraduate program within this area.

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