TU Wien and Energiepark Bruck / Leitha award Green Future Scholarship!

With the Green Future Scholarship, TU Wien and Energiepark Bruck/Leitha support individuals and their careers in the renewable energy sector. The scholarship for the MSc Renewable Energy Systems is addressed to people with a green mindset and future-oriented thinking. During the application process, applicants had to submit an essay on their motivational factors, fields of interests concerning questions of sustainability and their thoughts and beliefs in relation to a green future.

Stefan Međak, a young Civil Engineer from Serbia, impressed the jury and won the scholarship. In an interview, he told us more about his beliefs and motivation to join the program:

„I finished my Bachelor and Master Studies in Civil Engineering in Belgrade with a major in Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering where I learned extensively about hydropower and electricity production in general. Since then I started developing interest and passion for renewables. Originally, I imagined myself working in the hydropower sector, but instead I was offered a position on a geothermal project. This great opportunity broaden my perspective in the world of the renewables and made me realize that it would be good to know more and understand the basic principles of other green technologies also. We live in a time where the idea of finite resources, that we used to exploit in the past, is becoming more and more accepted by the public, and in order to secure sustainable future of our civilization we need to focus more on a difficult task of harnessing of the forces of nature.

Continuing education program in Renewable Energies at TU Wien offers exactly what I was looking for. Besides the technical aspects of commonly used technologies, program is intended to convey business management skills as well, that will, given my current occupation in the geothermal power plant operations, certainly come in handy. The best thing is that the program is organized in a way which allows me to attend classroom lectures, gives me access to a network of experts while I can still continue to work full-time. I expect that it will open many doors for my professional development in the energy industry, for which I am becoming more and more passionate about.”

The Continuing Education Center and Energiepark Bruck/Leitha congratulate Stefan Međak to the scholarship and wish him all the best for his studies!

Get detailed information on the Master’s Program Renewable Energy Systems here:
>> newenergy.tuwien.ac.at

>> Visit the Energiepark Bruck/Leitha



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