Make a statement – Sign the climate referendum!

Source: https://klimavolksbegehren.at/

The climate referendum has been open for signatures at all Austrian city halls and district magistrates. Even though Austria has been seen as a leader in all things Environmental- and climate protection, nationally this position has clearly been lost because of the country’s massive greenhouse gas emissions. The summer of 2019 has again shown us where the climate is headed, if we don’t take clear and fast steps in the right direction. It was the second hottest summer since the beginning of the records before 1800. The climate referendum is trying to change this worrying course. 

The demands of the initiators are:

• Commitment to climate protection in the Austrian constitution

• Stop emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases by 2040

• Initiate an eco-social tax and duty reform

• Ecologically and socially sustainable transformation of transport and energy

Be active and make a change - in-depth information klimavolksbegehren.at

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