Theresia Vogel, from the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund: “The climate crisis is changing the whole picture.” (video interview)

Since 2007, the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund aims to boost the energy transition in Austria and minimize the effects of climate change. In the course of our Expert Talks, we met its director Theresia Vogel and asked her about the Fund’s main field of activity.

She told us which skills our alumni will need in order to bring the energy transition forward and reveals why misanthropes will not get the job done. She says one of the necessary skills is often underestimated – communication that is. Luckily, the students of our MSc Renewable Energy Systems are also being trained on communication skills during the specially designed management and soft skills module.

Watch the interview and find out more about our expert’s thoughts on digitalization, the climate crises and the ongoing changes on the energy market.

Applications for Scholarships are now open

The TU Wien and the Energiepark Bruck / Leitha for the first time are awarding three Sustainability Scholarships worth EUR 10,000 each for the participation in the MSc Renewable Energy Systems. Funding is available to women, young families (parents) and people who want to start a career in the renewables sector. Click here to learn more about the scholarships >>

MSc Renewable Energy Systems

Next program start: March 19, 2020
Structure: 4 semester, part-time, blocked modules
Language of instruction: English
Application deadline: November 30, 2019

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