Konnichiwa, Arigatou gozaimasu and Bruck/Leitha

A group of 14 interested Japanese visitors came to Energiepark Bruck/leitha, to learn more about possibilities to reach regional energy self-sufficiency. After a presentation about the development of the company given by the managing director DI Karin Mottl, MSc they went outside to visit each power plant located around the city of Bruck/Leitha. 

They stopped at photovoltaic, biomass and wind power plants, as well as the biogas plant and the algae bio reactor. During the trip there were many discussions comparing regional power supply with a central power generation and the general steps and solutions that need to be worked out in order to make the Energy Transition possible. 

The Japanese group thanked Energiepark, for all the information, recommendations and experiences that was shared, by presenting them with a small wooden fox statue. The foxes, who were both carved out of the same part of wood and are bonded to each other by the arms, represent the future friendship and bond shared by Bruck/leitha and the Japanese visitors.  

Energiepark is very thankful to them for being great and interesting company and also wants to point out that the visit would not have been so successful and enjoyable without Mag. Karin Höfler (http://www.come2vienna.net/), who translated and guided everything perfectly. We hope the group made it home safely, despite weather warnings and are excited for future contacts with the group.

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