It’s all about wind power at Energiepark Bruck/Leitha

Middle of the week check in with the students of Renewable Energy Systems

The third day at Energiepark Bruck/Leitha was all about wind power. The students started with a lecture on off-shore wind parks in the morning. Following this lecture they drove to a real life wind park in Bruck/Leitha to visit a very unique wind turbine. The turbine, which was built in 2002, is one of only about 5 wind turbines with a visitor’s platform on top worldwide. That makes it possible to walk up the tower of the turbine and have a gorgeous view of the surroundings of the turbine. The students were mesmerized by the hundreds of wind turbines in the region around Bruck/Leitha which you can all see from the platform. And they were very lucky because it was a windy day and so there was a lot of action to see!

After climbing down the 280 steps of the tower, they made their way to another wind park in Höflein, a neighboring village of Bruck/Leitha. There they had the unique chance to get a close look at an active wind turbine construction site. The massive equipment needed to build a 160 m wind power plant was very impressive. Check out the pictures in our Photo Gallery!

To end an exciting day, the students were invited to a traditional “Heurigen” dinner at the Raser-Bayer Heurigen, again in Höflein. The waiters brought out plates with assorted meats and cheeses and the family’s own wine and grape juice for the guests to enjoy. After good food and fun conversations, the students made their way back home to get ready for the next day of classes.

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