The MSc Program Renewable Energy Systems is the first cross-border course in Austria dealing with the future issues of alternative energy production.

Based on the professional and academic background of the students the postgraduate program conveys specialist decision-making competence in order to operate plants for the use of renewable energy sources in an economically and technically feasible manner. This professional qualification enables the students to evaluate future developments for renewable energy technologies and design projects clearly on this basis. They develop a critical awareness with regard to (new) findings and developments in the possible uses of renewable energy. Furthermore, they are able to combine new and existing knowledge and to adapt it to specific situations.

Following these requirements three aspects have been given special consideration: 

Technological Innovations

Participants acquire a basic technical knowledge in the area of alternative energy production. The fast-changing nature and development of this sector are specifically considered. Focal points are solar energy, wind power, biomass, biogas, small hydropower stations, photovoltaics, bio fuel, and geothermal technology as well as issues, such as energy saving and energy efficiency.

Management of Sustainable Energy Systems

Conveys skills, such as project development, project financing, project operation, and knowledge on business management. Furthermore, participants obtain a detailed market overview on selected European countries.

General Economic and Legal Framework

Participants obtain knowledge on the general economic and legal frameworks of European Union as well as national directives and legal provisions of selected European countries.

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