Students' Voices

Mag. Anna Katharina Gollob, MSc
Global 2000
Alumna Class 2009 - 2011

The master program “Renewable Energy Systems” is an outstanding opportunity to become part of an international, enthusiastic and extraordinary group of people, sharing the same interests for such a challenging topic. The theoretical and practical experiences of this course enable us to contribute to the common goal of securing the supply of green energy at affordable prices in order to maintain our standards of living and reducing dependence on fossil fuels at the same time.

Pamela Hay, BA, MSc
United Nations Division, Canada
Alumna Class 2007 - 2009

This first-of-its kind program is an ideal way to gain valuable knowledge of renewable energy technologies which are the key to tomorrow's energy needs.  The program has top-class lecturers offering an excellent mixture of technical, practical, and theoretical information and insights that is international in nature and can certainly be applied to a range of professional careers. I've enjoyed every moment so far!

Dr. Terry Hlawna, MSc
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Alumnus Class 2008 - 2010

The program renders a good overview of technological, economical, legal, and social aspects of renewable energies, combined with necessary soft skills. Mainly focusing on the needs and potentials in Central Europe, naturally the various kinds of bio-energy are a core content, though other kinds of renewable energies are also covered. The group of lecturers and participants offers an excellent networking opportunity for future projects and business.

Dr. Günter Maier, MSc
Alumnus Class 2005-2007

I had the pleasure to participate in this unique program in its first matriculation year 2005. From the very beginning this program was highly valuable while also improving permanently due to maturity, most recently honored by the ASIIN accreditation.

Our energy system will face fundamental changes in the upcoming decades. Around 50 years ago, the cornerstones of today's energy supply and power plant portfolio have been defined. But now it is time to initiate the development of energy systems for the next 50 years. An increasing number of humans consume an increasing amount of energy. The energy demand is predicted to double until 2050 while hydrocarbon resources are limited and too precious to be just burned, apart from the impact of their carbon emissions.

Mag. Alfred Melamed, MSc
Alumnus Class 2011-2013

My motivation to participate in the MSc program "Renewable Energy Systems” was to combine the technical know-how of the course with my economic and financial background in order to gain a holistic understanding of projects in the field of Renewable Energies. 

The combination of preparatory work, lectures, tests, homeworks and master´s thesis over a time span of two years guarantees that not only sustainable topics are dealt with, but that also the acquired knowledge will hopefully be sustainable.  With a good portion of enthusiasm and a little assistance and understanding of the employer and the family, the course can be finished beside family and job without great sacrifice.

The whole CEC-team responsible for the course gave the students a great assistance wherever possible.  Almost having finished the course I can now say that my expectations were perfectly met. The course provided me with a deep insight in the various technologies related to renewable energy topics and in the interactions between technologic, legal and economic REN-aspects.

In addition, I enlarged my network and specially gained a whole “master-class” of new friends, which is priceless.

Dipl.-Ing. Franz Mühlbacher, MSc
Frequentis AG
Alumnus Class 2008-2010

The master program fulfills my expectations as I get the chance to get familiar with all aspects of renewable energy sources: the importance, the fascination, the pioneer spirit but also the difficulties and obstacles of overcoming the fossil aera.

I appreciate the international setup of the program as well as the country modules in Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Poland.
The program offers a broad variety of information - an overview of related technologies including economic aspects and a close view at neighbor countries. Finally, it brings together an international group of likeminded people to think and work for a sustainable future.

Dr. Arno Recheis, MSc
D. Swarovski & Co
Alumnus Class 2005 - 2007

The program "Renewable Energy Systems" gives a perfect overview of all forms of Renewables as well as a basic economical background. More internationality of the lecturers and participants would be desirable.

Magdalena Sanguinetti, MSc
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Alumna Class 2009 - 2011

Renewable energies are gaining importance around the world and will definitely play a key role in the future. This program gives us the instruments that will enable us to take part and contribute on the discussions that will shape the energy systems of the next generations.

Mag. (FH) Julia Schmidmayer
Alumna Class 2013-2015

I applied for the Master Program Renewable Energy Systems in order to enhance my knowledge in the field of renewable technologies and their integration into different level of energy systems (e.g. buildings, networks, cities). This Master Program gives a basic technical knowledge in the area of renewable energy production and enables its students to gain a better understanding of design, planning and operation of energy technologies.

The course covers a wide variety of different technologies and offers a good mix of lecturers from academia, practitioners and project operators. As the lectures are highly condensed in time and content and only enrolled part-time it is still possible to full-time work in my profession. Right from the beginning of the Master Program I was able to use the knowledge gained in my daily work life. Especially the case studies that we needed to elaborate in the second term of the course provided me a better insight into the interaction of different energy technologies.

I can recommend this Master Program to people that are highly interested in future challenges and possibilities in relation to the transformation of our energy system.

Mortimer Schulz, BA
Raiffeisen International
Alumnus Class 2011-2013

The MSc in renewable energy is one further step to spread the knowledge essentially the technology about the future that concerns us all together. 

Furthermore the interaction between academics, guest lecturers from private industries, authorities and students is key to reinforce the network and necessary to make this movement a global effort. 

Lastly the relatively young renewable energy industry is working towards a common goal and the variety of students in this course demonstrates the successful involvement of people from technological as well as economic background.

Mag. Cosima Steiner, MSc
Austrian Trade Commission, London
Alumna Class 2007 - 2009

The program curriculum provides a well rounded education on the basic scientific principles of renewable energies and the economic and social logic behind their use as an alternative energy source. The course is intense but always interesting thanks to the high quality of the lecturers. The group-dynamic amongst the students is excellent and I am happy for this opportunity of studying, working and discussing with so many interesting people from different countries and from various professional backgrounds.

Dr. Alfred Weinberger
VACE Consulting GmbH
Student Class 2007 - 2009

The Renewable Energy Course has more than fulfilled my expectations. It provides comprehensive basic knowledge on the subject, together with practical experience from people who have learned from failure and success. The Course is a must for anybody who wants to contribute to the much needed proliferation of the use of Renewable Energy in our society.

Mag. Philipp Wieltschnig, MSc
Verbund AG
Alumnus Class 2006 - 2008

This unique master program expands know how and network in the European renewable energy field. Top class lecturers, a perfectly organized program and well selected students guarantee a full return on investment. In addition to the technical focus, the legal and economical education assure full expertise to be successful in this fast growing business.

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